Thursday, January 21, 2010

The eyes of all were fixed on Him

Dear Friends,

I encourage you to check out this youtube video of the Bishop of Haiti speaking about the church there. It was filmed in 2007. Please continue praying for him and the long road of recovery ahead; and continue giving through the Episcopal Relief and Development ministry, as Haiti's enormous crisis only compounds.

May Haiti's people see and know, through relief efforts underway, that the Lord walks among them, offering them "shelter in His wings" (Psalm 61).

If able, please come worship with us at St. James' this Sunday, then stick around, even if it's your first time with us, to help us distribute God's abundance to the people of Taylor. It's Meals on Wheels this Sunday - following worship, anyone can help put food into containers, and deliver the meals to the needy.

May you too know the presence of the Lord in your journey this week.

Pastor Kelly

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