Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Making the Ordinary Extraordinary

Dear Church Family,

Thank you, on behalf of my family, for the love you showed us through your presence and presents, on the occasion of our daughter, Maria's baptism last Sunday. What a bright, memorable day it was.

This coming Sunday, immediately after worship, is our annual All Mission Meeting.

Luncheon to follow - please bring a dish to share if you are able. But come along anyway even if you are empty-handed and be filled nonetheless.

Consider that this meeting is unlike any other you may be a part of in the secular world. This coming together is about the Stuff, the Gifts of God's Kingdom--both those gifts we have within ourselves and use in our ministries; and also, the gifts we receive in money form for His sake.

So come pray with us for the future of St. James' Mission Church, give thanks for the year that is past, and hear about plans for the year to come. Together as the Body of Christ, we are responsible for how we proceed with the gifts He gives us. Help us to make good decisions about how we use those gifts.

In His peace,

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