Saturday, March 20, 2010

Weddings at St James'

St James' sanctuary provides a beautiful location for Christian marriage.

A Christian wedding is a ceremony whereby the church blesses legal marriages on behalf of the local civil authority and whereby the church celebrates the mystery of the union of Christ with his bride on earth, the holy Church.

Because of this, the church cannot bless any union that is not legal according to local laws; which, for us here at St James' means the laws of the state of Texas.

Those seeking marriage at St. James' must therefore be legally old enough to marry, or granted legal consent by guardians, they must obtain and show proof of legal marriage certificates issues by an authority of the State of Texas, and one of the two must be a baptized Christian.

Four pre-marital counseling sessions with the pastoral leader are mandatory. Two legal witnesses are required at the final ceremony.

It is customary to give $100 to $200 as a gift to the church, in addition to any rental fees for the parish hall for receptions following.

Please contact the pastoral leader for more information about getting married at St James'.

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