Friday, January 3, 2014

January at St. James' - Chalk Blessing, Confirmation Classes, Yoga...

Join us on Sunday as we bless the chalk for Epiphany house blessings.  Each family will be given chalk and instructions for blessing their household.

Epiphany House Blessing from Interrupting the Silence

We look forward to an exciting January -
On Tuesday, January 7, we will begin yoga classes with Sapphire Bell in the parish hall.  The classes will be from 6:15 to 7:30.  All are invited.  There is not a fee; donations are invited.  For more information, contact Robin Fagan at or by phone at 512-365-2747.

On Sunday, January 19, we will bless the Louvier family pregnancy during the 10am service.  After the service, we will have our annual parish meeting.  We are excited to announce that Jerry Bump and Morgan Louvier have offered their service on the Bishop's Committee.  We will celebrate with Tad Whited and Philip Jones their years of service to the St. James community as they depart from the Bishop's Committee.

Sunday, January 26, offers much excitement:
After the 10am service, we will prepare and deliver Meals on Wheels.
At 3:30, the Bishop's Committee will meet with Bishop Harrison and at 5pm we will have our Confirmation Eucharist with the Bishop.  The service will be followed by a reception and light meal.

Confirmation, Reception and Reaffirmation:
When people are baptized, they become full members of the church.  Confirmation is a rite in which  a baptized person makes a mature, adult commitment of faith.

Some people have already been confirmed in another denomination, either Roman Catholic or Protestant.  In that case, they are received into the Episcopal church rather than confirmed.  Reception means that you are publically acknowledging the faith that has been present in your life and you are being formally welcomed into the Episcopal church.

Reaffirmation is appropriate for someone who was baptized and confirmed in the church but has not attended for a period of time or has attended different denominations.  It is a welcoming back into the Episcopal Church.

Classes for confirmation, reception and reaffirmation of adults are happening on these dates:
  Sunday Jan 5, 5-7:30pm or Thursday, Jan 9, 6:30 - 9pm
  Sunday Jan 12, 5-7:30pm or Thursday, Jan 16, 6:30-9pm
  Monday Jan 20, 6:30-9pm or Thursday, Jan 23, 6:30-9pm

The content will be the same in each Sunday/Thursday class so it's fine to mix and match according to what works for you.  It is also fine to attend if you are just curious - attendance isn't a commitment to be confirmed, received or reaffirmed.

If you need childcare in order to attend, please let me know and we will make arrangements.

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